Sharing Whiteboard Work with Mathematica and Instagram

I love using portable whiteboards for group work in class, but the ephemeral nature of the students’ work means that students will not have a written record to refer back to later.  One solution I tried last semester was to take pictures of the whiteboards with my phone.  Then after class I would upload the pictures onto Google Docs that contained the corresponding questions.  That was workable but a little less efficient than I would have liked.  

This semester I am preparing my notes and in-class activities on Mathematica slideshow presentations.  In trying to figure out efficient ways to upload pictures to the documents, I discovered that Mathematica integrates with Instagram.  With just a couple lines of code I can import any image I want.  So here is the plan: at each point in the presentation where I want to insert pictures of student work, I write a couple lines of code that search Instagram for photos with a particular tag (a tag that I can remember and that is unlikely to be used by anyone else).  Whenever I take a  picture of a whiteboard, then, all I have to do is put that particular tag as a comment for the picture.  Then I hit Shift+Enter on Mathematica and the pictures instantly appear!    

Thoughts?  Is there a better/easier way to do it that I am missing?